Office Hours

Do you have a burning question right now?

I hold weekly Office Hours online, where you’re invited to submit a burning question or problem you’re trying to solve. I select from the most interesting questions and record answers to share out to the members of #CindyAlvarezFoundry.

The most popular topics include:

  • Customer development and research
  • Product management
  • Enterprise innovation
  • Building and managing teams
  • Diversity & inclusion

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Ready to send me your question or challenge?

Simply complete the form below. But first, please note:

  • Due to the typical volume of submissions received, I’m simply not able to answer every single one. But even if I’m unable to provide a specific response, I often can point you to past Q&As from the #CindyAlvarezFoundry Archives that may be applicable to you.
  • To maximize the chances of being selected, please be detailed in describing your question / challenge / scenario.
  • I also may have a backlog of Q&As and can’t guarantee any particular timeframe for when a question may get addressed during Office Hours. However, if your question is time-sensitive, please mention that and I will take it into consideration.
  • When summarizing your original question and in my answer for the audience, I will try to frame things in a way that will be applicable to your situation but also similar situations others may be facing, so everyone can benefit.
  • I will also take care throughout not to share anything with the audience that might be identifying back to you or your organization. However, don’t reveal any confidential or proprietary information in your question that should not be shared publicly.

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