I’m Cindy Alvarez, Author of Lean Customer Development (published by O’Reilly) and Principal Group Product Manager at Microsoft in the Cloud & AI group. I’m a regular speaker at conferences & events and also give private workshops. I’m also passionate about diversity & inclusion: supporting women, Black and Latinx people, and girls in tech.

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Microsoft Ignite 2019
Nov 8 all-day

I’m excited to be presenting a special breakout session at Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando, FL on Friday, Nov. 8!

Driving engineering culture change at Microsoft: An experimental journey

A high-performance culture is critical to a company’s success – leading to higher rates of innovation, customer delight and employee satisfaction. But how do you achieve this in a company as large and diverse as Microsoft? How do you steer hundreds of engineering teams, of all shapes and sizes, with varying levels of process maturity, toward a more DevOps-centric, agile engineering culture? In this session, Cindy Alvarez, a leader in the One Engineering System (1ES) team shares how Microsoft approaches culture change as well as learnings from her team’s journey to help internal teams become high performing teams.

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Mind the Product San Francisco 2018: July 17, 2018 

Recently I was thrilled to present a keynote talk on Cognitive Biases in product management to a wonderful audience at the Mind the Product Conference #mtpcon 2018 in San Francisco. (Recap)


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