Past Events

Here are some of the past events and conferences where I’ve been a speaker / presenter.

Intersection Conference 2023 (Torino, Italy): Uncovering the Unspoken

Microsoft Ignite 2019 (Orlando, FL): Driving Engineering Culture Change at Microsoft: An Experimental Journey

ConveyUX Boston 2019 (Boston, MA): Conversations to Great Products

StartupFest 2019 (Montreal, Canada): Understanding Customer Decision-Making

Lean Startup Conference 2018 (Las Vegas, NV): Fireside Chat: Innovation in the Age of Millenials and Session: Anti-Patterns for Enterprise Innovation Teams

Mind the Product SF 2018 (San Francisco, CA): Cognitive Biases & The Questions You Shouldn’t Be Asking

Check out the Video and Recap

Microsoft Build 2018 (Seattle, WA): Addressing Cognitive Bias in Product Feedback and Making the Case for Inclusive Design Panel

Øredev 2017 (Malmo, Sweden): Decoding Your Customers

Cindy Alvarez at Øredev 2017

Lean Startup Conference New York (New York, NY)How Microsoft is Making Culture Change from Traditional to Lean

LeanConf 2016 (Manchester, England)Closing Keynote: Why Customer Development Isn’t Working and Workshop on Customer Development: That’s Not What Your Customer Meant

Cindy Alvarez at LeanConf 2016

Lean Startup Conference 2015 (San Francisco, CA)Driving Change Within the Enterprise

Cindy Alvarez at Lean Startup Conference 2015

From Business to Buttons 2015 (Stockholm, Sweden): Embracing Hypothesis-Driven Design

Lean Startup Conference 2014 (San Francisco, CA): No-Excuses Customer Development

Lean Startup Conference 2013 (San Francisco, CA): Transitioning Teams to Lean