Make the Intro Easy

These days, I find myself being asked to introduce some person from one sphere of my professional life to someone from another at least once a week.

I’m almost always happy to do so, but I have to admit that I don’t always follow through.

Why? Because a proper introduction email should contain some context as to whyperson A wants to know person B, and why person B should bother to share some of their time and expertise with person A.

And writing that context takes time and thoughtfulness. Person A, I may remember you fondly and think you’re a smart, motivated person — but that doesn’t mean that I can easily conjure up 2-3 sentences articulating that. Certainly, I can’t do it while I’m mobile.

So I’ve started responding with, “I’d be happy to introduce you. Can you write up a couple sentences describing yourself and what you’re hoping to get out of the intro?”

If Person A doesn’t write back, well, I’m glad I didn’t burn a little social capital on their behalf. And if Person A does write back with their own elevator pitch, it’s easy for me to hit forward, do a tiny bit of editing, and send. Even if I’m walking.