Cindy Alvarez

Challenges, Not Chores

We've all been there: the task that you keep meaning to do, you keep putting off, and each time you procrastinate, you dread the task more.

After my book was published, I did a few refreshes of old popular posts, and then over the next year I wrote exactly... two... new posts.

I'd put off writing for so long that all I could associate with writing was the guilt I felt for not getting it done.

When that happens -- whether the task is writing posts for your personal blog or interviewing customers or reorganizing your cluttered Dropbox folders -- a good way to unblock yourself is to set yourself a challenge.

At the beginning of June I got tired of week after week, not having a "good enough" blog post to make up for so many weeks of silence. So I set myself a goal to publish a post for every weekday in June. And I did.

The pragmatic details:

I'm not going to keep up this pace of publishing. While I'm happy with the quality level of this month's posts, I'm not sure I could maintain this. More importantly, there are other goals I'd like to shift focus to. I'm going to aim for posting twice a week, and I've updated my Habit List reminders to reflect that.