Cindy Alvarez

All Customers Are Not Created Equal – Consumers, SMBs, Tech Startups

You can practice customer development on all types of customers. But you can't treat them all exactly the same.

"The rules are different when you're talking to large enterprise customers," say enterprise organizations.

"This doesn't work when you're dealing with customers who are already using your products and have certain expectations," say small business owners.

"You can't experiment when you're subject to laws and restrictions," say product people in heavily regulated industries.

Yes and no. YES, the techniques I write about on this blog WILL work on your customers. NO, you can't blindly apply them in the same way to all types of customers.

So how DO you approach your target customer? What tactics will you need to adapt or omit?

In this post, I'll talk about interviewing these customer types:

Much of "what works" in customer development is universal -- it's social psychology. But as I've worked with and mentored companies across a huge variety of customer types, these are some "differences" patterns I've noticed.


Small and mid-sized non-technology businesses

Technology startups


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