Cindy Alvarez

Why You Should Do More of What You Dread

Do you think you do your best at the job tasks you enjoy most?

If you're like me, if you're like my team, probably not. Your breakout moments -- the ones where you solve a huge problem or strengthen a relationship or convince a holdout -- probably come from facing a problem that you dread.

The moral of this story is NOT: "so everyone should try new things! Break out of your comfort zone! Rah-rah!"

The moral is -- wait, let's look at why. Why are people often more effective when they're facing down dreaded challenges?

Hopefully seeing these articulated will spur you to stop procrastinating and tackle a dreaded task today. (or try to apply this type of thinking to a 'fun' task).

(Note: when I say "work you dread", I don't mean work that is soul-deadening or meaningless or rote. That kind of work is bad for everyone. As a manager, a big part of your job is reducing the amount of that your team is exposed to; as an individual contributor your job is to let your manager know when you're being burdened with it.)