Cindy Alvarez

How Not to Write a Book

Lean Customer Development

I'm thrilled to announce that my book, Lean Customer Development, has been published by O'Reilly and is available now!

It's a bit ironic, because writing this book is probably the least "Lean" thing I've ever done. Even having a baby (which I also did in the past year) was faster!

While I did work with many of you to understand your needs and get feedback and iterate (oh, the iterating!), it's taken a long time to get the product out the door -- much longer than any "product" I've ever launched before.

I think I wrote a pretty great book. I'm confident that will help a lot of people be more rigorous about testing their company, product, and feature ideas. But, of course, that's still a hypothesis that will only be validated once customers actually start buying it!

Would I do this again? I'm not sure. But in case I do, I've learned a lot about the process -- what I'd repeat, and what I'd change.

Here's what I did right:

OK, that sounds good, right?

But here's what I did wrong, wrong, wrong:

Any way about it, I'm glad to be back to writing here on the blog! I'm looking forward to upcoming speaking engagements to promote the book and, of course, to continue teaching customer development principles both within my full-time employer Microsoft and lots of other companies looking to make their mistakes faster and cheaper.