Making Enterprise Change Work Toolbox

If you’re like most folks who have found my Making Enterprise Change Work Toolbox to be invaluable, you’re probably an innovation executive, product manager, or engineering leader who is facing an important enterprise change initiative right now, such as:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Executing a major shift in an existing product or line of business
  • Launching a new product or line of business
  • Cultivating an Innovation Culture

On each of these fronts, I’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens of organizations as a speaker, mentor, group product manager building products and leading teams, and author of O’Reilly’s Lean Customer Development.

From this experience, I’ve identified four of the most common reasons why enterprise change initiatives fail.

Over the course of 22 videos (as of Q2 2019) in Making Enterprise Change Work, I’ll help you overcome these challenges, avoid the pitfalls, and maximize your chances of success – all while gaining key experience and greater visibility within your organization and for your career.

You’ll learn about:

  1. Objection Handling
  2. Addressing Human Reactions to Change
  3. Finding Your Early Champions
  4. Learning, Measuring, and Responding

With your purchase, you’ll receive permanent online access to the Toolbox and any future updates.

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As you start applying the tools when it comes to your own project and organization, no doubt questions will come up.

That’s why you’ll also receive a complimentary 60-day Basic Membership to #CindyAlvarezFoundry so you can ask your burning questions at my online Office Hours, access all previous Q&As in the Archives, and more.

This is designed to complement your experience as you walkthrough the Toolbox and provide support as you start translating what you’ve learned into action. It’s one of the most valuable aspects of the Making Enterprise Change Work experience!

And remember my #CindyAlvarezFoundry Guarantee: if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with how useful and valuable this Toolbox has been in your journey of driving change in your organization, I’ll gladly issue you a full refund.

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